The Big Guy has been programming logic and control systems, literally since they were developed. Starting on a PDP-8S computer (yes, serial, with 8K of memory!) he has worked through logic chips to PLCs to sophisticated control systems. All of that background is put to good use, developing efficient, user-friendly systems.

Installed worldwide in tens of thousands of corporate boardrooms, training and conference rooms, videoconferencing and distance learning centers, entertainment facilities and high tech homes, Control Systems allow operation of a wide range of electronic equipment as a single, integrated system. Audio, Video, Projection, Lighting, Screens, Shades and Blinds, Security and Communications Systems can all be operated with the touch of a finger using a button control panel or a touchpanel.

Extron Electronics has been involved with the production of audio and video switching and routing equipment for many years. TSA/Bricaran has been programming for these devices since its inception, and lately came to appreciate the line of control devices the company has developed.

Key to this appreciation was the fact that the design principles echo what the Big Guy has been advocating for years - keep it simple and predictable. When the presenters enter the classroom or lecture theatre, they don't want to spend time getting the AV system ready. One button press and then on to getting the notes and PC ready.

Extron control systems are dead simple, easy to program, and repeatable. The Big Guy is certified as a Configurable Control Specialist, in order to understand the philosophy behind Extron systems. To this point, he has programmed twenty-one systems. Contact us for more information.

Beyond that, he is also now certified as an Extron AV Associate - finally learned the technology behind all that video stuff he's been dealing with for twenty years!

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Crestron Electronics has been designing and manufacturing advanced remote control systems for over thirty years. Bruce was first introduced to Crestron by David Harrison when he was designing systems for First Vision (Toronto) in the early 1990's. He found the Crestron approach to be innovative, and embraced the fact that the company tried to meet or anticipate industry demand with a continuous stream of new products. The Big Guy became a Certified Crestron programmer in 2002, a status not casually achieved. In 2005 he was designated a Master Programmer, and in 2007, a Silver Level Master Programmer, one of about twenty world-wide at the time.

TSA/Bricaran has been serving Southern and Western Ontario for twenty-four years. For eighteen of those years, Crestron programming has been a mainstay, with the Big Guy helping many contractors get systems running to client expectations. We like to go the extra distance to give the clients what they need.

With over two hundred and fifty Crestron systems installed and running daily, TSA work has won plaudits for the logical touchpanel organization and task oriented screen layouts that provide the user with a clear, uncluttered array of tools to use in making a presentation. The key is to make it intuitive, and the KISS principle definitely works.

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