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Canadians are very proud of our expanding position in the movie and television production industry. Nowhere is that more evident than at Sheridan College, near the TSA offices. This Ontario Community College has been a leader in adapting to and training for Computer Generated Imagery. Their grads have made a signficant contribution as staffers for the CGI Series ReBoot, which is produced in Vancouver by BLT Productions.

ReBoot has been on television around the world. In Canada, it was on YTV. In the United States, it started on ABC but was dropped after two seasons. That influenced the design, because as the technology got better, the character definitions got better. It's endurance is amazing, considering client response when TSA runs a DVD to test an AV system.

Fortunately, the third season and fourth seasons were released on DVD and are magnificent. The sixteen episodes were available from many dealers - they are out of print now and quite valuable. Talk about an explosion of sound and color. Wow!! I use one of the DVDs to check out new large format audio/video systems I have designed because of the purity of the colors and quality of sound. It always ends up with an audience of intrigued passers-by who go "Hey, leave that running!" if I stop the DVD before the episode end!

Any way you can, check it out and enjoy one of the most graphically rich video series ever produced.

For your edification about this fabulous program, TSA directs you to a site maintained by a fan:

Joe Smith's Unoffical ReBoot Home Page

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