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TSA / Bricaran is one of the growing number of SOHO enterprises which are becoming more prevalent in North America today. Being SOHO based allows TSA to control overheads, concentrate resources and thereby do a more cost efficient job for the client.

The original name of the company was Theatre System Associates. In 1992 we changed priorities, and the name was shortened as the scope of work diversified to boardrooms, teaching facilities and (wait for it) small- to medium-sized arenas - fourteen so far! It now stands for Technical Support Associate to reflect the services provided to small and medium-sized contractors in Southern and Central Ontario.

TSA frequently finds that contractors have access to the required products and have the staff to install them. However, they lack the personnel and resources for design and programming. As a result, TSA offers these services while working with the contractor to provide the system that satisfies the client's requirements, within budget and without compromise.

We can also help the contractor with the documentation, as this is an area where many contractors falter. Our forté is CAD and the writing of user instructions and technical manuals. These services are available to small and medium sized contractors throughout North America.

Design Services

Although small, TSA possesses a wealth of background information and experience. TSA functions as an independent body retained to ensure that there is full understanding and proper implementation of the design requirements. In these cases, our services cover preparing a design, CAD drawings, programming and documentation.

We will also participate in the project to the extent that we will work with the contractor to ensure that the client's requirements are met expediently. We are prepared to attend site as required, to resolve problems as well as for the project testing and commissioning to ensure that the systems operate according to the intent of the design.

Listing of Projects & Designs

Control Systems Programming

Starting with PLCs when he was in broadcast engineering, Bruce Dingwall has developed programming skills in three areas: PLCs, Crestron Control Systems and Extron Control Systems. In PLCs, he is self-taught - after all, they are an extension of the logic he taught at Comm Colleges in Southern Ontario.

Starting in 1998, he quickly completed all of the training in the design and programming of Crestron control systems and attained Certification. Subsequently he attended several courses given for an advanced group of programmers from around North America. As a result, his classification has been elevated to Master Programmer - Silver.

Calling on his on-going background in programming PLCs, Bruce moved into programming Extron MLC and IPL systems around 2010. To expand his knowledge, he took the courses for, and is Certified as, an Extron Control Associate.

For more information on Control Systems work, please review the Control Programming page.

TSA / Bricaran Info

Bruce Dingwall is a Certified Engineering Technologist (Electronics). With forty-plus years experience in audio, video, control and broadcast applications, he is TSA's Designer and Programmer. His professional designation (C.E.T.) permits him to work on both sides of the Canada-US border, according to provisions in the NAFTA agreement.
He is a self-taught CAD draftsman, working with CAD since the initial release of AutoCAD in the 80's.
He is experienced in designing and programming a variety of control systems including Programmable Logic Controllers. Primary applications for PLCs have been control and animation of museum and teaching displays, as well as in the fields of Broadcasting and Paging System control.