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A Hong Kong Movie

Okay, you're saying, so what is the Big Guy doing with something about a Hong Kong movie on the TSA web site?

After a fact-finding trip to a project site in Taipei in 2001, I was flying back to Canada on a direct flight. This type of flight will have three movies. The first was Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock. Very good movie.

The second, as I had observed on the flight over, would be a Chinese language film. The one on the first flight was terrible - badly shot, choppy editing and such poor color, I couldn't read the subtitles. So, I wasn't expecting much when the next film came on.


The film started and it had wonderful color and excellent contrast (apparent even on an airplane video system). I didn't have the headset on, so I started to read the subtitles.

It was funny!

The film was a period piece that moved along at a breakneck pace. It featured innovative camera angles and excellent cutting. I was quite enjoying it, as was the young lad sitting in the seat beside mine.

I was intrigued to know more. When I returned to Canada, I sought out a copy on DVD. I finally found it at Poker Industries - Hong Kong DVD in New Jersey. Watching it again, I wasn't disappointed.

When an associate who speaks Chinese was visiting, she was intrigued that we actually had a copy of a Hong Kong film. So I ran a few minutes of it for her. Then she commented why it was a such as success with me -- the subtitles were an almost literal translation of the dialogue, a rarity in a Hong Kong film.

Anyway, for your edification about this very funny movie, here is a review. Amy Harlib's review of Wu Yen

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